Love is the new DENIM!

Hey my beautiful ladies!

Most of us have at least one denim shirt in our multi-diverse wardrobe. In fact, today I would like to encourage all the girls who don’t have one to purchase a denim shirt or a denim jacket this fall. My denim shirt is easily one of my favourite things from my closet. It is so versatile, comfortable, and fashionable. It is generally seen as more of a spring or fall look, but I wear mine year round. First, you have a modern thing which can easily be combined, creating absolutely any look and style, in any season. Denim shirt is cool, modern and looks classy. If you want a refined look, I again recommend you a denim shirt. No matter how you wear it, your style will look amazing.

Essentially, denim shirt is no longer just a shirt, but some magic piece of clothing that works very well for you. For example, if you want to look very professional in a very chic way, you can wear the denim shirt to work combined with classic black pants, with dark blue or white heels, or oxford shoes. the same goes for skirts and shorts. Make sure that you well buttoned your shirt all the way to the collar, because a large necklace has its place here.

Denim shirt looks incredibly good when it comes to dressing in layers in cold winter days when you can wear it as a second thin jacket, open-necked, or a shirt underneath a soft sweater with folded sleeves. It suits great every skin tone, every hairstyle and style. Here are some ways I wear my denim shirt in winter.

1.With a scarf

This look is great when it’s really cold out and you have to wear a scarf with your winter coat anyway. It is also a great way to add some color to the look.

2.Under a sweater

Layering a sweater over your denim shirt is an easy way to create a preppy and polished look. Bonus, it is really warm too. Have the sleeves and collar of the denim shirt sticking out from under the sweater.

As a timeless, more casual fashion staple, the denim shirts are best suited either in sophisticated looks or simply in conservative and modest styles. It is usually used to create casual yet chic outfits or to make structured pieces look more relaxed. The secret is to wear it right, knowing how to combine with appropriate pieces to ensure that chic stylish look. There are no fashion rules for wearing denim shirts. It is more on how you experience various styles to get what you want. For example, knotting the bottom ends of the shirt for a casual sexy look, or folding the sleeves to get that relaxed day-to-day style. Choosing the right fabric of denim shirts can be somewhat tricky ’cause the color will vary from fabric to fabric. But that’s not a big deal, you can manage it easily and efficiently.

LADIES! Know the power of ‘accessories’.

One way to enhance the look is to invest in accessories. And when wearing a denim shirt, you can use closed collars to accessorize the look, or scarves for an open-collar style. Simple metal jewellery, like gold or silver hoop earrings or bangle bracelets, can give your style a chic upgrade, while funky, chunky gems, on the other hand, can give off a more carefree appearance or for a simpler look, wear a belt for marking the waist area.


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