LACE the look

Hi, all the beautiful ones out there….

Look lovely in lace or go all out in glam with these beautiful lace dresses. A touch of luxury to really make an entrance at any event. My relationship with lace over the years has been clear and vivid: I loved it. Evening dresses, cocktail attire, autumn and winter collections have more penchant for lace than anything. So lace is still IN this winter, or perhaps it is becoming more mainstream is a much proper statement. Designers sent models down the runway for 2016 winter in very opulent dark luxurious fabrics like fur, leather, velvet, and of course that heavy luxe see-through lace. 4c7c2e8f72a4881dc742510a7704d2011bbd10f6fb2455b902fdd79cbad0a7c63e1195a8223e5a90c5efce8121bcb77b

Black is massive this season, but also white lace, it has a certain kinda retro punk feel. White lace tops, dresses and shorts are the feminine dainty pieces all women and girls resort to for a bit of romantic chicness to their look.

Black lace might be a bit too harsh or heavy for some women in summer, but I love it though. It’s so incredibly sexy, decadent and very very seductive. The clash of posh with casual, light with heavy, luxe with chic pieces and types of fabrics is amazing, and it gives a certain kinda of sophistication and versatility to an outfit.

But little did I know also, that lace can be so versatile really. These trendy pictures show us how lace can go to the office in a very proper feminine knee-length dress, to summer festivals in crop white lace tops, or lace shorts or skirts, to cocktails in lace pencil skirts, to events when lace anything can be paired with men-inspired items: tees, sweatshirts, sneakers, statement jewelry and what not. For a modern take you can try to pair a lace crop top with jeans. It’s a very 90’s fashion with a twist.

To cut short a long story, let’s have a look at how street style peeps are doing lace and get some inspo:

Ah!… not to mention the fact that wearing lace guarantees nailing at least two other trends: exposed lingerie(if you are up for the challenge) and sheer anything for extra hotness.

I swear fashion never ceases to amaze me. While the trends do all repeat and nothing is really new anymore, how we look at it every single year is so different.

Love reading, XOXO!


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